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Silva Cell®

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Silva Cell® was developed by Deep Root ® in the US and it prevent the soil from tread down.

By placing in the soil into the Silva Cell®, it take a weight from the ground pressure of the vehicle or by walking from the top to prevent soil beaten.

This enables maximum water retention and control the heat island phenomenon.

Toxic substances are scattered on a road and it flow out to the sewer, to the river, to the sea with rain water. It will become environmental pollution.

However, rain water is finely filtered with the soil inside the Silva Cell®. Moreover, it becomes problem solving of the urban type flood at the time of heavy rain by storing a lot of rain water in the soil.

Trees are actively grow with the fully water stored soft soil and healthy big trees helps to lowering the air pollution and carbon dioxide.

It is a hardscape products to ensure the moist environment in the Urban.