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RCF® root protect sheet

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RCF® is a durable sheet which prevents roots of Bamboo and tree. It is composed by four layers which are made by span bonded polypropylene fiber(DuPont™ Xavan®) and it is coated by polypropylene on both side.

This product is excellent at tensile strength, elongation, water pressure, and the burst strength. Also withstand soil pressure of the buried and underground root compression. There is no degradation of water at all.

Moreover, UV processing is provided in order to improve the durability of the exposed part of the sheet. It is a sheet of all round type. (All trees, bamboo and bamboo grass)

Also, it does not contain any chemicals, therefore plant will grow up healthy and it is possible to maintain the root control effect in the long term.

In addition, the construction can be processed easily with scissors or cutter.