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Really Turf®

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Really Turf® is the artificial turf which looks like really natural as natural grass. It uses four different kind of polyethylene piles and it has been processed the UV prevention as well.

Really Turf® maintains uninformed conditions through a whole year at your garden or balcony.

If you lay it down directly on the soil, we recommend you to use DuPont™ Green Vista® Pro under the Really Turf®. Because there are several drainage holes are opened at the Really Turf®.

This will prevent from the weed grows from the drainage holes and does not take any time and effort of the mowing on a regular basis as natural grass.

Once you lay it down, you don’t need to mow on a regular basis, never sprinkling the water or fertilize the lawn.

Really Turf® is a beautiful maintenance-free landscape material.