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DuPont™ Ground Grid™

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DuPont™ Ground Grid™ was originally developed by DuPont™ US for steady ground stability.

It made by typical polypropylene non-woven fabric with three-dimensional honeycomb structure. This product is used to confine gravel to provide a durable and safety road bed.

If you use at private parking lot, temporary road, and roadbed paving, it prevents subsidence of gravel and deformation of the road.

In addition, ground grid is able to accommodate the inclined surface. It prevent from sediment discharge and deposition of the soil at the bottom of the slope.

The material is adopted a DuPont™ Typer® which developed by DuPont™. It is tough polypropylene non-woven fabric perform very high strength and permeability. Therefore, it can be also used as underdrainage layer.

Using the characteristic of this product, you can be able to cope with various construction site.