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DuPont™ Green Vista® Pro

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DuPont™ Green Vista® Pro was originally developed by DuPont™ US and made it by specialized non-woven polypropylene weed control fabric.

It has been loved in the garden around the world.

This product is supplied with original plastic pins which used for temporary pinning such as under the wood deck, around the house and the berm. We recommend to cover the sheet with the gravel or decorative chippings etc.

DuPont™ Green Vista ® Pro will suppress weeds without using any chemicals. In addition, in order to cover the sheet with the weight from above(gravel etc), it will reduce the uneven settlement of gravel.

DuPont™ Green Vista® Pro will contribute your garden beautiful because once you lay down the sheet, it will suppress the subsidence of gravel and weed for many years.

This is a solution of your garden from the weed!